YES! 25 AMAZING Dollar Tree Decor DIYs for Spring 2022 ☀️ 🌷 CHEAP + EASY Floral Summer Decor Crafts!

Get ready because today’s video is full of a tonof dollar tree diys and decorideas for spring, so stay tuned. This is Whiskey & Whit. My name is Whitney andon this channel. I love to share diys and budgethome decor. So if you love that too be sure to hitsubscribe down below so we can be at craft buddiesalso a huge thank you to green chef, forsponsoring, today’s video and supportingwhiskey, and what we’ll talk more about them ina little bit, but first, let’s get into the diysbecause.

I’Ve got 25 to share today up first we’regonna make these super easy felt. Lavender, stemsfrom, dollar tree you’re gon na need some purplefelt you’re. Also gon na need some floral wire andthen, some sort of green felt to start you’regonna cut a strip that is 12 inches long. Byapproximately one inch wide: you want it to lookabout the same length as a ruler once cut takea thin line of hot glue down. One of the sidesand then fold your piece in half the goal: hereis to create a loop similar to what you wouldwant.

If you’re putting up curtains and that youwill see in a minute why it’s important once yourglue is cooled, you’re going to take scissors i’mjust using these small ones by fiskars becausei saw on tic tac that it’s a lot easier to cutand we’re going to cut fringe down The entirething, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You justwant some fringy, so now we’re going to assembleour lavender. So you want a piece of that: floralwire about 12 inches long you’re, going to takea dab of hot glue to one end of your piece, withyour little fringes pointing up once that’s hookeddown, just start spinning your floral wire aroundnow there’s two different ways you can finishit. You can just spin it around and then gluethe bottom to your floral wire. That’S gonnagive, you a longer and thinner piece of lavenderor before you glue it down.

Take your fingersand push it up. Just slide it up that floral wireand! That’S gon na give you a thicker shorterpiece of lavender, so totally up to you on whatlook you’re going for, and if you want to switchit up, you could do both in a mixture my last stepwas to cut just some little leaf shapes. I justdid this by hand. I glued one at the bottom tocover up the end of the lavender as well asanother, one to give it some depth.

This wasfrom, my stash, but dollar tree also has green feltand. I also love to buy felt at walmart, as wellproject number two has a special place in myheart, because this is the dollar tree arrowsign that started it all. I found this cocktailsign last year and i decided to make it into thisflower market sign and then you guys know therest is history. I’Ve got so many different cupfiles for this sign on my channel, so i am paintingit and then i’m cutting out this particular filethis is a free one. Over on my blog and theni’m, using my tried and true expressions, vinylpaper transfer tape, which will belinked down in the description for youif.

You haven’t discovered it, yet you will loveit. I absolutely do this is not sponsored but iabsolutely love how it adds to the sign and itdoes not peel up the paint. I just put down i’mcutting this on just some black matte vinyl andthis is so pretty it can stay up all summer. Long number three is another one near and dear tomy heart, you guys are asking when are springprintables coming today is your day i’vegot a pack of 18 of them over on my bloghere is just a quick little snippet of whatyou can expect when you download that freepack Over on my blog, the linkwill be down in the description i absolutely loveprintables.

I will also link my whole printableslibrary down below, so you can go ahead and checkout all the things that i have to offer. Thisproject was actually born out of the mystery boxchallenge. These rustic solar lights, kristen k sentme some of these solar lights from dollar treeand. I wanted to make something that we couldput out near our fire pit for when we’re makings’mores and give us a little bit extra light. Soi took this frosted glass spray paint and spraypainted a large and regular size ball.

Mason jari also took some black spray paint to the twotops so that it would match the top of the solarlight while those were drying outside. I grabbedtwo little discs. These came from hobby lobbybut dollar tree has similar ones as well and iwent through and painted them. Both black, so theywould match the overall motif. Then it was time toassemble.

So i popped the stake off the bottom it’sreally easy to do, and then you just have the topof your light. I popped it in between the masonjar, lid and realized. It was a little small soi, just added some hot glue to make sure it wouldstick that hot glue made it stay, really well andif the hot glue pops out at all. You can just usesome black matte paint and just paint over the top. Now this is totally optional, but i took thosediscs and i glued them to the bottom of both ofmy jars, to give them a really flat surfaceand, also to make them a little bit biggerand easier to grab when you are picking up allthe things from the fire at The end of the nightthese are also great for your patio, if you’re justhanging out having drinks enjoying the springtimei, absolutely love the quote on this next projectand, it’s so easy to do.

I grabbed one of these setsof two pot holders, so you get two for a dollartwenty five and i went through with some heattransfer vinyl and cut out these two designs, thati personally made in canva that are free for youto download over on my blog once i cut Them outand weeded them. I pressed them down for 30 secondsat 330 degrees. With my cricut easy press. Now, youcould absolutely do these with an iron as wellso. You don’t need an easy press to do that.

Becauseyou, don’t have to get it that hot to press. I pressboth of mine with both hello spring and then thisbeautiful, oscar wilde quote and then depending onif. It’S a hot or cold peel with your heat transfervinyl follow the directions on the packaging andthen. It will tell you when to peel it, that’s itsimple and easy to do something to keep in mindwith these. I always get questions.

Can we usethese? Yes, you can, but if something is so hotit may warp the vinyl, so just keep that in mindi like to hang them and just use them as decor. I really wanted a vase that was small like thisone, but i couldn’t find something that i likedso. I grabbed this glass one at dollar tree anddecided, to make it over. I started by giving ita thin coat of just some gray spray paint, youcould use white or cream, whatever you havei’m just using this to give it a base and theni’m using some of this stone spray paint.

I hadleftover from a recent thrift, flip video idid, a bunch of kirkland’s dupes and i usedthis technique on a lamp and absolutely loved itso. I sprayed the whole thing with that: textureit’s going to give it a really pretty pop and thenseal it with some polycrylic and you’re good to goit’s, a great vessel for that felt. Lavender thatwe just made – and you can also pop in some fullflorals or because you spray painted the outsideadd some water and grab some from your gardenand. It’S ready to go. It’S been a whilesince i’ve made over one of these dollartree candles, but it is such a favorite ofmine, especially when you can just add a decalso.

Here’S what they look like in the storei went ahead and grabbed it and took offthe outside packaging, and then i designedthis file with a peony flower that says: norain, no flowers, similar sentiment to no rain norainbows. I just cut this out in a scrap piece, ofpink vinyl, but you could do whatevercolor that you want also with it beingso intricate. Here i cut it on my iron on settingit’s, going to yell at you to mirror it. Don’T worryabout that just go ahead and cut it regularly, butbecause of the fact that it’s very intricate likethat the iron on setting won’t cut as deep andhopefully help you get it weeded a lot. Easierlet’S.

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I’M starting witha mason jar that i got from dollar tree last yearbut. You could use any jar that you’re looking forthese are cheap at walmart as well, but you coulddefinitely use a dollar tree container. Go aheadand, paint it white with some chalk paint and thendistress any of the raised areas that you’ve goton there. Then, when your surface is all preppedyou’re going to want to grab either some paintmarkers or some paint with a variety of differentpaint brushes, so that we can make our lavenderi started with these arteza paint markers theyhave two options – and these are the thinner onesi’m, starting with green And i’m doing a varietyof different heights and different leaning waysof. These different stems around the outside, so itlooks kind of just like natural lavender that youwould see just growing outside then i’m taking oneof three different purples, i’m going to be usingand.

Creating these little. They kind of looklike teardrops. I don’t know how to explain: thembut they’re, just kind of little lavenderpieces sticking out of the green stemyou’re going to do that all the way aroundthe outside and make sure that each one hasa little purple piece sticking out of the topthen we’re going to go in and Do the same thingfill in some more of the areas with a lighterpurple and then we’re going to finish itoff with a darker purple on top of all theelements. So it’s gon na give you some depthhere’s what that looks like when i was all donewith that and then i ended up going through witha, lighter green and just adding some dimensionto the bottom, but that is totally optional. I lovethis to hold some lavender, and some eucalyptusthis is just from walmart that i threw in therei also finished off the top, with just a littlebit of jute twine to kind of make it look allpulled together and as somebody that’s not ahuge painter, i’m so proud of How this turned outi get a ton of questions on where my boxwoodwreath is from, and i got it years ago, but iwant to show you how you can make one supercheap yourself grab a grapevine wreath, fromdollar tree and then you’re also going to wantsome boxwood.

Now i went with walmart boxwood withthis because, especially with the dollar treeprice increase, it’s basically the same priceand. There isn’t really anything that will rivalthis at dollar tree. I grabbed six picks and i cutall the stems off that gave me about 30 stems towork with i’m going to take two of them tie themtogether with a long piece of jute twine and thenonce they’re hooked together, i’m going to tie itonto. My grapevine wreath i like to use the jutetwine for this, because it’s going to look likeit always was meant to be that way. You can usesome floral wire, but sometimes that can poke outand look kind of funny.

So here it looks like it’sjust part of the wreath. Then you’re going to grabtwo more pieces time together and repeat that stepall the way around the outside i like to alternateinside outside. So then, that way it looks full bothon, the inner part and the outer part of the wreathwhen you make it all. The way around to whereyou started make sure to tuck your stemsunderneath there and i ended up starting withfive cuts. So i had to cut a sixth one hereyour last step to finish.

It off is to just takeany of your pieces that are kind of going. Rogueand tie some jute twine around them. So then thatway it kind of hugs. The circular shape i addedone more little sprig and my wreath was done andit’s way cheaper than if you were to even buy itat a store, i’m pretty sure mine was 30 buckswhen. I bought it, and this one was about 12.

ow. If you like, the way that i haveit staged here, don’t worry because i’mgoing to show you exactly how to get thislook with this wreath, i grabbed four ofthese recently at dollar tree this wasjust last week that i grabbed theseand, i’m gon na take the canvas off the Top nowthe reason i went with these signs is becausethey are a square canvas and that’s what i wantedto do with my window. Pane, if you can’t find theseyou, can absolutely do the same thing. Andremove the canvas off of an eight by tencanvas once all four were ready. I’M grabbing superglue as well as some gorilla, hot glue, sticks, formy glue, gun and i’m gon na use.

A mixture of boththe super glue will help it stick longer. Andthe hot glue will help it stick immediately. Sothen that way, it will stay while the super glue issetting, that gel takes a little bit longer to seti decided to use clamps to help me save time, tohook the two pieces together and then hook thetwo double pieces together. These are also mydewalt cramps that i just had in the garage butif. You don’t have clamps, you can hold it by handthen when everything was dry.

The last step, wasto just go through and add some popsicle sticksto overlap each of the seams, and this is on theback of my window just to make sure that it hasa little bit more stability. It would probablybe fine on its own, but with a little kid i justwant to make sure that it’s not gon na have ahard time and fall apart on me. You can put anytype of wreath on here that you want and youcould absolutely switch it out each season. Soput, a fall wreath christmas spring winter, it’sa, really versatile piece for around five bucks, something you could easily put on to that windowis. This lavender wreath, because it’s the same sizewith that grapevine base so we’re using the samefelt lavender that we made in the first project.

Sohead back there and watch that again, if you needa refresher on how to make that, i am grabbingsix different pieces and a mixture of dark andlight purple and once i have it in a groupingthat, i, like i’m, going to tie the bottom withsome jute twine one. It gives it a rustic feeland two, it’s going to cover up the pieces, offloral wire, so it doesn’t look so fake, theni’m taking some scrap, felt and cutting four piecesof the same size to look like leaves and then i’madding a little bit of hot glue in the Center andpinching it to give it a 3d look. I’M gluing two onthe inside and two on the outside of my grapevinewreath form, just to kind of give a little bit moredimension to where my lavender pieces are goingto, be glued down. I glued it down and then i addedsome jute twine to make it just look like it wasmore, natural and just tied to the wreath there area ton of different options to use this decoratei plan on using this, probably in a bathroom ona shelf. That way, it gives me some color inthere, but it doesn’t take up a ton of space if you’re looking for something unique but alsofun spring summer vibes.

This lemon charger is foryou. I’M using one of these faux lemon chargersfrom dollar tree, but you could use any of thechargers that they have. I started by paintingmine with yellow waverly chalk paint. This isthe color maze and i made sure to give it twocoats, so it was completely covered when thatwas dry. I went over to pinterest and got myselfan image of a lemon slice, so i had something tolook at while i painted i started with just somewhite paint to create a circle border around theoutside.

Just on the inside of the outer lip theni used a tape measure just to find the center ofmy plate, and then i spun my paintbrush around withsome pressure to create a circle in the center andthat’s, going to really start making our lemonslice. After that. I created eight lines: equallyout from the center to start to create kindof the little inner pieces of a lemon wedgeand then go around the outsideand, create some curved shapesto. Continue that look once those were alldone the outside needs to be covered in whiteand. You don’t have to make sure that it’s 100covered, because we’re going to cover it with akind of blend it in with a different color.

Herein, a second once all my edges were curved theway. I wanted them. I mixed a little bit of whitewith that maize, yellow and kind of buffed outsome of those edges, so there weren’t any harshlines between the original, yellow and the whitei did the same thing on the top of the littlecurved areas, and i also added some detail: upabove each Edge as well just to kind of buffit out there was too much white on the outside. Using that same white and yellow mixture. I addedjust some little bursts outin each of the eight pieces and then i just use a little bit of white toadd three seeds and it was good to go this isa great stager piece.

It can look great on itsown, but it’s also good behind some signs. Like ihave this set up here, i use this for decor on topof. My fridge because i have an area where there’sjust cabinets that we don’t really get into andit works perfectly continuing on the lemon trainproject lucky number 13. Are these felt lemonsi made these last year for decor for my cousinsbridal shower, and i’m excited to report that thissummer we’re working on her baby shower so that’llbe coming up in a future video, i’m startingby tracing just some lemon shapes on some feltas well as cutting out Some leaves these wereones i cut out on my cricut. I just searchedfor a lemon shape, but you could also print oneout from google images or freehand it.

Yourselfyou’Re gon na need two pieces of yellow and thentwo leaves per little pillow if you’re doing alarger one. Like you see here or if you’re gon na doone for like a tiered tray, you’re, still gon na needtwo pieces of felt to create this little stuffedfelt lemon, i’m going around the outside with justsome hot glue here to adhere everything togetherexcept for a little little piece at The bottomso that i have room to stuff it with some polyfill. You can use cotton balls or an old pillowreally, whatever you have on hand to kind of fluffit up and then glue it down, so that your lemon iscomplete, i added my two little green leavesto. The top just to add a little pop of color, and then this is totally optional, but i decidedto add a blanket stitch around the outside justto add a little bit more whimsy to my lemonsand. You can also do this with fabric, as wellit doesn’t just have to be felt.

There’S a ton ofdifferent options to create these kind of whimsypieces they’re nice to throw into decor. If youhaven’t done a blanket stitch before, i will linka video down below on how i learned how to do itbut. These turned out absolutely so stinking cuteand, the other great thing about this techniqueis. It doesn’t just have to be for lemons. I alsodid these last year for some felt and fabricstrawberries that also turned out super adorable.

When i’m entertaining, i am always lookingfor items that fit the theme and usually ican’t, find what i’m looking for. I decided tomake over these railed jars, but you can use adollar tree jar for this as well to get thelabel off and the adhesive. I just put it insome hot water for about an hour and a halfrubbed it off and it was good to go. But you cangrab anything that you see in the dollar treeglassware section for this technique as welli grabbed some fabric. This is actually a dollartree fabric, which is awesome, but you can usefabric from anywhere if you’ve got some in yourstash and i’m just using mod podge to wrap itaround the outside of my jar.

Now you want to makesure, you give yourself a little bit of an overhangat. The top and the bottom so then, that way, whenyou go to apply everything you will be able tokind of put the lip over. So it looks like it’snot just stopping at the bottom, like i’m doinghere you’re, going to take your extra fabric andcut. A quick little slit around the outside andthat is going to allow you to add some mod podgeand fold it down flat, like you would, when you’rewrapping a present repeat the same thing on thetop of your jar and if you’ve got a lip from wherea lid was like. I did i took some jute twine andwrapped it around there and you can’t even tellmy.

Last step was, to just add a quick sealer coatof mod podge over the top. It’S gon na dry, clear, butit’s, gon na protect it, especially if you’re usingit at a party like i did. I used it on this drinktable for fun. Straws at my cousin’s shower butyou could also put some faux greenery in it. Andit would be beautiful in any display.

We’Ve made itto number 15. If you are still with me, be sure toleave me a comment. Let me know you’re still withme. This project was actually inspired from one ofmy best friends, bridal showers, her mother-in-lawmade these for the table center pieces and ithought. I could totally dupe that with dollar treecanvases, so i don’t have to cut all that wood, so istarted with four crafter square 8 by 10 canvasesand took a flathead screwdriver and some pliers toremove all of the staples on the back and thenremoved the canvas you can put.

The canvases tothe side and use it for another project. I justdidn’t need it this time i sanded off my framesand, then i decided to stain it with briar smoke. Byvarathane now, there’s two different ways: you coulddo this. You could stain all four of them andthen hook them together, like i’m gon na do hereor. If you want, you could hook them together, andthen stain the whole thing at once.

It’S personalpreference now i’m using gorilla, glue, wood gluethis is my favorite. I get it at walmart to hookit together because they are wood, pieces and i’musing. Those dewalt clamps that you’ve seen me usebefore they’re nice to have on hand you don’t needa ton of them, but they hold things really tightespecially. If you’re doing multiple projects atonce or you just don’t – want to sit and hold stuffbut once you’ve got your four pieces, togetheryou can decorate it. However, you want i’ve donethis in a variety of different ways.

You couldreally customize this, however, you want and youcan switch out the greenery for each seasonso. You could leave this out all year long. This project is a super fun hack to get a reallytrendy floral pillow without having to have anytypes of fancy machines. So i grabbed two of thesecanvas bags from dollar tree and i cut off the twoback squares because those were the blank piecesof fabric. If you can’t find these at dollar, treeyou can use any like light, color fabric that youcan find you can also use a burlap drop.

Clothi started by pressing them because they werepretty wrinkled and then i lined them up anddid my pillow trick. So we’re going to do aline of hot glue around the entire outsideexcept for just a little bit of a hole. So thatyou can flip it either inside out or just stuffit. If you’re going to leave your seams exposed, forthis particular one i flipped it inside out use myfingers to make sure the edges were pushed outand. Then i got ready to transfer my peony imageso this one.

I found off of google images andi just printed it out to the size. I wantedi stuck it on top of my pillow, but in between mypaper and my pillow is a piece of graphite paperand. So, as i’m tracing this, it’s going totransfer it to my pillow. As you can see, hereand then i’m able to just go through with afine tip sharpie, not before i put some paperunderneath, so it doesn’t bleed through to the backand i’m just going through and retracing it. It wasa pretty quick process.

I was able to do this. Inunder 15 minutes and it looks like a really prettyline drawn image that i just drew from memorynobody knows i cheated and once i got everythingstuffed here, i decided to glue the bottom shutand then add some black tassels to the each ofthe four corners to match. My overall motif in myliving room – and this thing you could have easilypicked up at a boutique or at a fun vendor showand. You made it yourself with dollar tree supplies. If drawing is not your vibe, you could also do a 3dpillow, like i did here with my felt lavender usesome jute twine to tie it up, and then the pillow’sactually made out of a fleece baby blanket fromdollar tree.

This one was so nice and neutral, withthe gray pieces. I just took some hot glue, stuckmy lavender onto the pillow, and then you can useany additional hot glue that you have to make yourpieces stay. Obviously, you’re not gon na be layingon. This pillow, it’s definitely totally decorativebut. It is super cute, and here with my neutralpalette, it adds just enough spring color and pop.

I absolutely love these signs and at firstglance you would definitely think they’re, woodbut they’re actually faux wood, and so i createdthese last year, because i didn’t have a ton ofspace to store a lot more wood bulky heavy signsso. I decided to create these botanical prints. Andthis is a process that, if you haven’t done beforeon how to make the frame and things like thati explain it in much more detail over on theoriginal video. So i will link that down belowbut the technique to create the faux wood startswith, antique wax. You put it on you kind of bendyour foam board like this, so it kind of startsto look crackled!

You dry brush on a little bitof black paint to really expose those cracklesand lines, and then you can buff out that blackpaint with some more antique wax. So once thoseare dry, it’s time to assemble, so i cut a decalthat would fit inside of this faux frame. I glueddown all of my pieces to the black foam coreand. It looks like a really pretty chalkboard signagain. This is a process that is better explainedbut.

I don’t want you to hang out here for toolong. I know you’re busy, so i’ve got all of thatinformation. If this looks like something you wantto make for your house over on that original video now until last year, i had never done any typeof b decor. I know it’s super trendy. I was allabout the lemons, but this b diy has to be one ofmy favorites.

So i grabbed one of these containersfrom dollar tree. It’S just a nautical containerbut. You can use anything that resembles a honeypot, and i started by drawing some hexagon shapesthat were hooked together to start looking likea honeycomb. I just free handed this, but you canpull up an image on google image or you can printout something and put it on the inside of theglass so that you can trace it with the sharpieafter. I did that i went through with a fine tippedhot glue gun and i just traced all those edgesi pulled off all those little hairs, but thisis going to give you a 3d look of a honeycombi started by spraying.

The entire thing, with justsome flat white spray paint to kind of neutralizeeverything, so then that way the blue wasn’tshowing through and then when that was dry, i justtook a disposable makeup sponge and some yellowwaverly chalk paint and dabbed it all aroundthe outside it made it. So then, that way it wasn’tjust a full coverage. It kind of looked a lot moretexturized. I ended up adding these little honeybeerods from amazon and then i grabbed some of thesegolden glue sticks to create some faux honey. Itwas super quick and easy to do.

I just put it inan old glue gun, so i didn’t have to worry about itand. I glued it. On top of my little honey pot, i’vegot a full video of 10 different b diys. So if youwant more information on this or all the diys youcan head over to that video and i’ll be sharinga couple more of those coming up in this video now to go with your honey pot, i also have a honeybook stack that says fresh local honey. This is oneof those a dollar tree crates that i had stainedfrom a previous project and decided that i didn’tneed it.

So i decided to paint it for this one idid, the top and bottom rungs. As a white paint andthen, i did yellow in the center and you’re goingto want to make sure that wraps around the entirething. Once it’s painted, it’s going to look, likeyou have books, stacked up, and i just cut sometext on my cricut, but you could freehand thisor use dollar tree stickers to spell out freshlocal honey, then to continue to make it looklike a book. I used some ribbon to make it looklike. They were all kind of bound together istarted with a black satin ribbon and theni added a black and white buffalo check.

Ribbonthat was smaller over the top, then to finish itoff i added another one of those little honeydippers that i added some of the faux honey toand. Then i added a little bit more of just a honeydrip on top of it to look like the bees were. Therethis is a quick and easy way to get a bookstack for your tiered tray, and it was only 1

25 and what would a bee farm be without a bee hiveso? This is made from a dollar tree little clocheas. Well, as some of their decorative nautical ropei just used some hot glue in the rope and startedat the bottom.

I left the black piece exposedbecause. I knew that would go with the motifand. I wrapped three pieces of thenautical rope around the entire thingit’s, a super quick and easy process. Prettymindless just add some glue and wrap it aroundand. Then, once you get to the top wrap it arounduntil, you don’t see any more of the clear domethen.

I used a scrap piece of the rope to create alittle doorway and then i painted the inside blackso. It looked like that was the entrance to thehive, and then i found these cute little bees onamazon last year, they’re. Actually little stickersso, you peel off the back. Stick them down andthey make such a fun and whimsy addition to thiscute little hive. This is a great size for a tieredtray or just a little vignette on your counterand.

It goes really cute with those little honeydippers as well. This has to be one of my favoritesfrom. The v theme that i have ever done, this forsale fresh and local honey. It started with one ofmy, favorite dollar tree signs ever one of thesepennant signs and then just some little paintstir sticks that i got from home depot. I startedby lining up my sticks to see how wide i had tocut them and then also to the bottom.

So then thatway it wouldn’t look like a pen anymore. It wouldjust look like a palette sign. If you can’t findthis sign, you can use any dollar tree sign forthis. It doesn’t have to be this particular onethen. I went through with my miter box and cut downall of my little pieces so that i could glue themonto my sign and create all these little slatsbefore.

I glued them on, i made sure, to sand theedges. So then, that way they weren’t rough for mecutting them. On the miter box, the miter box is aplastic box, plus a saw you can get on amazon it’svery inexpensive, and it will help you cut littleprojects like this. Then i took it outside anddecided to do a quick coat of just some flat whitespray paint. It dried a lot quicker because it waswarmer out and it kind of gave a different lookthan just painting over with a paintbrush.

This isanother free download that i designed over on myblog, you can download it. You can head over thereand. You can download every file printable all thethings from this video, using my expressions, vinylpaper transfer tape to apply this to this side, aswell just making sure that it is centered and thenpeeling back my transfer tape. This is another onewhere. I added some of that faux honey and i hada bunch of those honey dippers.

So i added it tojust about everything it gave it a really fun, andcohesive, look and being able to add some of thedripped honey to everything. Just really made itall look super cute and pulled together. Let meknow down in the comments. Do you decorate withb decor, because i didn’t, but this made me changemy mind and don’t worry if you don’t like the bdecor, because you could easily do just a littlebit different something with the same sign so thatsame pendant sign, i’m going to paint it white andthen. Take a little bit of antique wax and put itacross the top of the sign just to make it darkwood.

Now we’re going to paint a buffalo checkand, you guys it has been a hot second, since ihave done any sort of buffalo check, painting, onmy channel. I had just went super hard on it. Andi got a little burnt out, but i have starteddoing it again. So i am excited about thatthe. First thing: we’re going to do is: do verticalstripes, so i’m taking one inch painters, tape, i’musing a little piece as a spacer and i’m doing thevertical stripes, i’m going to paint them in with alight gray paint and then make sure that fullydries once it’s dry, we’re going To peel off ourpainters tape carefully and stick it to the sidebecause, we don’t want to get rid of it.

We’Re goingto need it here in the future, then because it’sdry again, this is why you want to make sure it’sdry we’re going to go through and do horizontalstripes or if you did horizontal first, you coulddo vertical. It doesn’t matter which order you dothem in you’re, just going to need some of eachbut i’m using that little spacer, piece and workingmy way down the sign once those pieces are all setin place before you get ready to paint you’regoing to want to take a pencil pen. Whatever andmark, where the white lines are because that’sgoing to tell you where that painters, tapewas originally and you’re, going to need thathelp in a minute when you go to put it back, onso we’re using the same gray, paint and paintingover to create a grid of stripes. And then thosepieces, i told you not to get rid of from our firstround we’re going to replace them over the top ofthose other ones to really create a grid. Hereonce everything is put back where it needs togo you’re going to take a dark, gray, paint and fillin.

All of the exposed squares, that is where all ofyour stripes overlap and that’s where your buffalocheck needs the dark color. Then, when it’s dry, youcan peel off all your painters, tape and you willmagically – reveal some really pretty buffalo checknow. If you are not a buffalo check, painterdon’t want to have to do this. You couldabsolutely cover your sign with a buffalocheck contact paper. Scrapbook paper whateveri finished off the sign with just a littlebit of leftover, lavender and eucalyptusfrom a previous project, and this is areally great piece to hang over a wreaththis would fit really well over that boxwoodwreath.

We talked about before tons and tonsof different options, but it is so quick andeasy and you wouldn’t think it’s dollar tree this next one, the exact same thing: you wouldnot, think that this is from dollar tree, but it’sreally easy to make with one of these 3d wreathhoop Forms so it comes with a lot of differentpieces. I decided to just use one of the largestpieces and i cut up some walmart eucalyptus aswell as some walmart lavender. Now i’m taking theeucalyptus and lavender and kind of laying it outwhere, i want it and then i’m going to go throughwith some jute twine and tie it on to the wreathform. Now i like to use dew twinks, it looks morenatural. It looks more rustic, like my style, but ifyou want to use floral tape or floral wire youcan.

I just prefer to do it with the jute twineonce i tied on all my pieces to get it to kindof flow with the hoop. Then i’m adding on somelavender. Now the reason that i’m big on walmartflorals is because, especially with the dollar treeprice increase to 1.25, you can spend just aboutthe same amount of money but get nicer qualitypicks, especially at that dollar 28.88 price pointso.

That’S just my two cents dollar tree does havelavender. So, if that’s, what you want to go withyou could absolutely make it there too, but ijust tied everything on so that went with the hoopshape with that jute twine, and it worked out great this last one. This floral centerpiece is goingto, be awesome for anything. You’Ve got going onthis spring and summer grab three of theselittle crates from dollar tree and glue themtogether with either super glue or some wood gluei’m. Using the gorilla wood glue here and clampsonce, it’s all hooked together, stain it your colorof choice.

I am using briar smoke and one thing iwish i did with this was add some additional staininto, the little crevices. So you win, you lose youlearn all the things, and so, if you’re doing thislearn from my mistake and just put some additionalstain in the slats now to get it ready for flowersi just added some floral foam, it’s two pieces fromdollar tree that i cut down to fit Inside andthen, i’m using my miter shears again to cutdown my florals, i hardly ever use floral picksin their original form. It’S just so much easierto cut them into their own. Individual piecesit gives you so much freedom and flexibilityi’m, starting with my big, bright, pink onesfilling. In with light pink peonies againthose are from dollar tree, the peonies are andthen, i’m using boxwood picks from walmart soonce.

You kind of fill it up with your biggerflowers. You can add in those sprigs to eitherside and that’s going to make it feel nice andfull, but you could make this with school colorsif your kids graduating. This is great forshowers. It’S also great for mother’s day aton of different options. You can reallycustomize it and the best part is i’vetaken flowers in and out of this a ton of timesand.

So you can reuse again and again and again thanks so much for watching and a huge thankyou to green chef for sponsoring today’s videoand supporting whiskey and wit, be sure to headover and check out and use my codewhiskey wit 130 for 130 off plus free shippingon. Your first box, as always head down to thecomments, and let me know your favorite projectin today’s video and be sure to hit subscribeif you’re new. So you don’t miss a futurevideo i’ll catch you in the next one bye. You Read More Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp.

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