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Hey people Becky here with Design Packages – and also I am incredibly excited to have you here today. What we’re mosting likely to talk regarding is one you don’t desire to miss, due to the fact that we are mosting likely to answer all your questions concerning utilizing a Cricut, EasyPress, [, music], So men right here we are Currently. What I’m mosting likely to speak to you today is about the Cricut EasyPress. 2
Currently, a great deal of these principles will use to the Cricut EasyPress initial design, however the thing that I wish to specify the most is you’ll hear me speak a little bit regarding making use of these for sublimation As well as the original Cricut EasyPress. From what I recognize, it does not rise to 400 degrees, Which suggests that it is not sensible.

It’S not going to help the majority of your sublimation jobs, because you require that higher temperature level. Okay, But also for one of the most part, these are actually really great, As well as you understand individuals, I’m not gon na exist. When I initially got them, I was really doubtful And also I had in fact heard individuals describe them as an’ overpriced iron’, And also I resembled you recognize that truly makes feeling to me due to the fact that I’m still needing to apply the stress on your own. Yet people, allow me tell you that it’s not true, That’s not real, which’s pretty rare coming for me. I don’t get into a great deal of things conveniently, however I currently have one of each size of all of the Cricut EasyPresses.

I like them. I utilize them all the time You see me use them regularly. In my videos They are extremely flexible. I take them with me when I instruct and also they have a little footprint They’re so simple to use, And also I just really liked them men. I like them, They have a great deal of advantages and also they do have some downsides.

So we discussed the fact that it has a tiny impact. I can store this or this or this anywhere. Okay, I can …

Well, I think I do not imply’ anywhere’, I’m not gon na place it in my handbag, However I can keep them in a cupboard. I can place them on a rack. You know when you’re, comparing this to a complete size, heat press. These are really, really small As well as the fact that I can finish the same jobs with this that I can have complete dimension, warmth press. That’S a huge offer for me.

So, very, extremely small: I can conceal them if I’m collaborating with a little location Or if I travel a lot, they travel truly well. These are very durable machines. Okay, Truly, really enjoy them a whole lot. Currently they do come with a little of a substantial cost, to ensure that is just one of my disadvantages because I. That’S still simply is a lot all right.

I would have liked to see these been available in at a lower rate. They did not, I do not control that stuff. You understand they don’t consult me before. They say the prices And I indicate, let’s admit it: I’m a thrifty, crafter, okay,
Now you can actually come truly near to a full size, warmth press for the cost that you spend for the largest one, yet a few of the smaller ones are in fact really cost effective. So you’re considering about, I assume, the current price.

This was on sale for $ 180 And after that it made use of to be $ 200 $ 150 $ 100 and afterwards simply $ 50. So it was like a little’ stair action’ effect taking place there. Currently, I’m not gon na exist the little child. Tiny one is not super practical. For $ 50, I would certainly have at the very least risen to the 6 x 7 As well as I’ll provide you the break down of each one of these, but it is just so adorable You’re absolutely purchasing that for the cute aspect.

Okay, So simply something to remember when I’m discussing all these, So the biggest one that they have is a 12 x 10
After that we have the 9 x9, the 6 x 7 and afterwards the little tiny baby press. Allow me reveal you Guys actually Truly So super charming
Simply give you a comparison, allow me hold this up for you. This is your 12 x 10. This is the 9 x 9. This coincides dimension as the original EasyPress, As well as after that this is your 6 x 7
Now you additionally need well, I presume you don’t have to however you’re going to desire to get these little pushing pads here all right.

They are really, very helpful. Now I was always instructed that I desire a difficult flat surface area for using heat transfer plastic, Yet I inform you what guys pressing on these. These foam pads are really very solid. Okay And also I have not had any type of troubles as long as I can get the great stress myself all appropriate Currently. What that implies – and this is another disadvantage for me – is the pressure depends on me.

So, even when you see me pushing in my video clips off cam, I more than here doing this
You know trying to actually obtain that excellent pressure on there, So, if you’re going to use an EasyPress, the response for that is to try to use it on a much shorter surface area. Alright, Even if that indicates you’re utilizing it on the floor, And let me clarify why, because I’m needing to lean right into this and truly use a great deal of stress with my arms, If I skewed it ahead – as well as this was reduced, I would in fact have the ability to simply Lean my body weight on top of it

So it places much less strain on my body and also my arms. When I can simply use my body weight, I can even take my whole forearm as well as lean on it. Okay, So absolutely keep that in mind. Don’T make it any type of tougher on yourself than it has to be.

This is not supposed to be an uncomfortable experience that you’re going to be sorry for later on. This is a really enjoyable experience and we’re going to discover exactly how to make it in this way. If you have those kinds of physical constraints, fine, So one more downfall, in my point of view, is so we chatted regarding the pressure concern, yet additionally the footprint alright. Now I simply spoke about the footprint being a benefit, since you could load these way. However a great deal of your well, I do not find out about you guys, but a great deal of my grown-up size, Tees.

I do 11 inches broad As well as after that in some cases the design can occupy a respectable portion. So what that indicates is, I might have to press 2, occasionally even three times Currently in my 15 x, 15 warm press. I do not have to do that. I can pop my t shirt in there press it pick it back out and also wear it now. That is not actually like awful.

That’S not super horrible. But that simply leaves room for a bit of user mistake since there may be places that you miss out on or there is an opportunity

. Oh It’s getting my attention. Excuse me. We’Ll talk about that function in simply a minute, Yet there is the possibility that you can miss out on an area because you need to count on yourself to choose it up and relocate it for several presses.

Okay, Once more, not that huge of a bargain. Yet but it is a point, A point you need to be aware of:

Now, what you just heard is the … We’ll call it an integrated alarm system.

Okay, These one of the main advantages as well as the reason why I use it a great deal also when I do not have to they warm up really quick. And I don’t imply like in an unsafe method: I simply mean they reach temperature level, They do not play around, They say “, Okay, we’re turned on. Allow’S do this thing.
“As well as they reach 320 or whatever temperature level I placed it on, As well as it will certainly give me just one beep and it’ll claim: “: Hey beep, I prepare,.”!

Okay! Currently, when you have actually done what I’ve done – as well as you just enable it to sit here, it begins to feel neglected. It wishes to make sure that you do not fail to remember about it, which is an exceptional safety function, And also if I were to refrain from doing anything, I were to not engage with this machine whatsoever. It would instantly turn off

That is so excellent. Okay, My bigger warmth press does refrain from doing that.

In fact between me as well as you, you individuals can not tell any person. One-time I let my warmth press on for four days: [, chuckles,] I recognize it’s horrible, I’m really very fortunate that I did not refute my little shop below. I went house for the weekend and I came back and the warmth press was still on. So, understanding that this guy will immediately shut down, if you are a forgetful crafter, okay,
That is extremely, extremely important. Okay.

So let’s speak about a couple various other points:

You have a great deal of reliability with these all right. These are made by Cricut They’re offered by Cricut
And Cricut actually backs up their products. Okay, So ensure that you maintain your product packaging due to the fact that you do have a guarantee duration With most Cricut products. It’S a year So maintain your boxes because if something happens as well as these don’t function right, Cricut is a company that is recognized. I mean truly actually recognized for supporting their products okay, To ensure that is extremely crucial to me As well as an excellent determining aspect if I were discussing on whether to get these or not, due to the fact that I recognize that it’s less of a risk than with a great deal of other crafting investments I can make.

I like my Cricut equipment. I like my Cricut EasyPresses
And I understand that if something were to fail within that guarantee duration, then Cricut is gon na make me best. Okay, Alright men. So let’s get going. Let’S go in advance.

I have some heat transfer plastic that has currently been cut as well as weeded, And also I have this: is a flour sack towel
Super incredibly inexpensive,

Not something that you have to stress over messing up, It’s an excellent practice item as well as I enjoy it. So I’m mosting likely to position my pushing pad here. It’S the perfect dimension for this
I desire to discover my tag Just make certain that my tag is on the other side As well as I’m mosting likely to place my towel Right. I wish to try to get this. This towel currently included a fold line right down the center, to ensure that works really actually well to be able to inform, Yet do not forget you can constantly fold your item in fifty percent as well as do your own fold line.

Okay As well as you can press that fold line directly in there and it will certainly help you greatly with aligning up your style. Okay, all best All right,
I am mosting likely to go on and also get my Teflon sheet. I have it convenient, I’m mosting likely to line up my design. What am I doing? I got averted I got averted.

I’M going to pre-press, alright Now, the factor I’m going to pre-press is that this will go out any dampness that is stuck in the fabric. Okay Also makes certain I do not have any type of wrinkles Now, if you’re, pressing a shirt or if I required a fold line in this, you could actually fold this in half and also you would certainly knock senseless your pre-press as well as your fold line all at one time Functions out actually Really terrific
All right put my layout back on Cover back up with my Teflon. Now in instance you are wondering. Here I’m mosting likely to lean right into it. While we speak about this In situation, you were questioning the temperature of your heat press set by your heat transfer, plastic maker, fine, So, depending on the kind of HTV that you’re pressing, will certainly determine the temperature level and the moment that you’re pressing it for

I’M at 320 for around 15 secs, But then also a great deal of people that make use of a Cricut EasyPress.

They do not speak a great deal concerning using a Teflon sheet. I think this is warm peel, so I’m gon na go on and also peel it off. Oh, maybe not All right, allow’s allow it cool down. This have to be a cold peel. Currently that is something that you will need to keep an eye out for when you have scraps like.

I do

[chuckles]: I have scraps all over the place, However just some sorts of warm transfer vinyl. You have to wait for them to cool. Alright, That’s another reason why the EasyPress works since you can push it and leave, as well as I really suched as that a great deal. So, allow’s see There, we go
Alright men a little test as well as error, however there we go. There is our task, I’m going to fold it up.

For you, I imply as folded up as flour. Sack towels get right, Just kidding simply kidding. So well, while I’m folding this, let’s proceed and evaluate So the Cricut EasyPresses are they’re very flexible. I actually like them a lot They’re terrific if you have a small location or if you take a trip a whole lot Or if you press a great deal of large things because remember you can move this rather than moving your job through your heat press,

Right here we go Tada, But it truly is ..

It has a great deal of very, very great top qualities. I actually like it. You understand, specifically if it was something I was mosting likely to place on my Christmas list. I would certainly like it much more I’m not stating that you require one in every size like I have, yet they are useful to have around And also you know people. Possibly you can end up being a collection agency also
So all right!

Well, I am mosting likely to cover it up. I value you joining me today. Hopefully you delighted in not only my little lecture that I prepared on the Cricut EasyPresses, yet you also enjoyed our little job right here. I simply desired to reveal you how simple and also very easy it is to make use of the Cricut EasyPresses
They’Re wonderful little devices, I like them a whole lot, as well as ideally you did as well So allow me wrap it up. I value you visiting today.

If you have any questions or remarks, ensure you leave those listed below
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