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Hi, my name is Tara and on behalf of, I’m here today to show you how to purchase, download, unzip and install a bundle from First of all, you need to go to their website, which is And once you’ve got here. You have two options: If you’ve never been here before, you can register with them, which is just a matter of filling in some details and registering for a free account.

If you’ve already been here before, you just need to click on Log on and then type your E-mail address and password and login securely Once you’ve logged in you just need to go to the bundles, Choose the bundle that you would like.Today I’m going to purchase the Wedding bundle And confirm this is the bundle that you’re after by having a look at the fonts and making sure they are the ones that you’re after

When you’ve decided that these are the ones you’re after click Add Bundle To Cart, The bundle comes into the Cart here. You can click on it once and you can go to the Checkout Once you’re here at the Checkout. You can see that you have your Wedding Font Bundle in the cart, and at this point you canalso add your discount code.The. Next thing you need to do is ensure that your billing information is correct, and then you need to check the privacy policy Once you have done that you have two options:

You can pay via PayPal or you can pay by a debit and credit card. If you click debit and credit card, you just need to fill in your Card Number Expiry Month Year and the three numbers on the back and complete payment. If you are paying via PayPal, you just need to press Checkout With PayPal. Once you have clicked PayPal, you can see on the left hand, side the Wedding Font Bundle. Is there ready for you to purchase for 15 US dollars.And? Then you can either again put your credit card details in or click Pay with. My Paypal account

Once you’ve paid your amount you’ll see that your payment is complete via PayPal and you’ll, be redirected to You can see that you get an order, confirmation, Your order has been successful and now you can go and click on Download My Files. You are now on your Purchases page Here you can see the fonts that I have purchased, which is the Wedding Font Bundle

I can view my license and I can also download the bundle I’m going to click Download bundle, I’m going to opt to Save my file and click OK.. As you can see, it’s saving up the top And my bundle is now saved.

Once you have downloaded the bundle you can then either minimize your screen or log out of, And I’m going to go to my downloads. As you can see, the font bundle has been downloaded into my folder.I now need to right click on to that folder and press Extract. All This is how you Extract zip folders and take out all the fonts

I’M going to have this to be extracted into the same folder, my downloads folder, so I know where it is, and I click Extract And it’s been extracted. I’M gon na show you here. Here’S my download folder You’ve got the zip file here and next to it, you have the photos been extracted and is ready to go. I’M going to double click.

And, as you can see, all five of my fonts are sitting there ready to be installed To install a font. You need to double click on the folder of the font. You would like The font comes up. You can see it’s an OpenType Font, You double click on that again.

And the font will come up.It’ll. Give you an example of how the font looks, And all you have to do then. Is click Install Once you’ve installed the font, you can close the pop up box and that font has been installed. If I go to Lovely Melissa and do the same thing, you can see it’s an OTF font.

You double click, the font comes up and you can install it. Click Install It’s as simple as that.It’s. Quite an easy process. Just close the box off

Close that file and you fonts are installed.To, show you how simple they are now to use because they have been installed into my computer. I’M going to double click on Silhouette Studio, I’m going to type in Silhouette, Studio Click on my’Type’, I’m going to color it. So you can see it better.

And I’m going to go to my Text, I’m going to find one of the fonts I’ve currently installed, which is Lovely Melissa. As you can see, it comes up and there you have it. So all the fonts that I have installed can be accessed with ease in things like Silhouette, Studio, Inkscape, Word, Cricut, Design Space.You can access them all because they all are encoded.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Please keep an eye out for further videos on how to use your OTF fonts And thanks to for sharing these fantastic fonts with us. Bye, bye,

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