Cricut Design Space – New!! Offset is now available on iOS devices

A new update for Design Space on iOSdevices, iPhone and iPad is available. Nowfor. This go to the app store, Cricut, DesignSpace and download the update open it. There is a maintenance schedule for later today here it showsme. What is new offset is now available on mobile.

Now. Go to the menu about the versionyou should be running. Is the 5.6.0 now select?

What’S new In this video, I will showyou what you need to know about guides and offset I’ll open a new project, I’ll add text and modifythe dimensions. So you can see what I’m doing since this is a handwritten font I’ll weld it I’ll change the font colorso. You can see what I’m doing as you can see at the moment. I only have one layer now go to edit then offset nowselect the offset that you want and press done I’ll open the layer. Panelto show you that now I have two layers: I’ll change, the color of theoffset for better contrast, now I’ll use contour to remove thenegative space in the offset layer, I’ll hide this layer.

So ican see the offset layerhere. I can see that I forgot to remove thisspot I’ll, go back to contour and remove itnow. That is like I want it. I’Ll activatethe other layer now I’ll delete this, and I will show you how to use offset when usingan image I’ll add a Cricut access image. I’Ll modify the dimensionsso, you can see what I’m doing.

As you can see. This image has five layers: select everything and press on flatten. This will merge all the layers, toone print and cut layer press offset. You will see a lot of lines since this imageused to be several layers. Press weld, offset, select the offset of your preference and clickon done I’ll change the color of the offset.

I particularly don’t like to leavenegative spaces in the offset layer, I’ll hide this layer. So it’s easy to see now I’ll, remove the negativespace by the tail using counter. Now that I’m done I’llactivate the layer that I hid now you know how to use offset on your iOS devices now I’ll show you how to create a guide layerfor. This all insert square. I modify the dimensions to 6.

inches I’ll change. The color just becauseI, don’t like to work with gray, now send this layer to the back. I want to use this square as a guidethe layer, which means there is no operationin this layer at the moment. Thislayer has the operation of a basic cutto, make it a guide layer go to edit operation, andchange it to guide, as you can see, in the layer panel. Now this is a guide layer.

You can make aguide layer for nodes margins, etc. I hope you like this update as much as I did. I hope you like thisvideo and you find it informative, see you soon. You Read More FREE SVGS How to Use Craft With Sarah Free SVGs

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