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I created this Cricut Layout Room Essential Tutorial with Beginners in mind. This is perfect to watch a little bit, pause and attempt a little bit on your own. CLICK on TIMEStamps below for quick access per area. I think we set ourselves up for success if we begin at the framework of any kind of software.
** FREE 28 Web Page Beginners Overview (Cricut Style Room Fundamentals) **.

Timestamps for this Video:.
0:00 Begin.
:55 House display.
1:10 New equipment configuration.
1:37 Canvas grid, Systems, Conserving offline.
4:02 Select Cricut equipment selection.
7:40 Make it currently project instance.
11:30 Documents then New Window.
13:08 New Project.
15:24 Left Panel.
15:43 Themes.
17:58 Sorting Projects.
18:53 Pictures.
22:22 Placing photos.
25:36 Text.
28:25 Download fonts for offline.
35:25 Curving Text.
35:41 Text positioning, ungroup to lines.
37:59 Shapes & Scoreline.
39:46 Resizing, unlock or lock percentages.
40:48 Rotate.
41:27 Removing forms, several options (very same with photos, text).
42:01 Publishing "your" files into Design Space.
44:25 Responses for Cricut.
44:56 Zoom Canvas in/out.
45:23 Changing grid lines.
46:04 Leading Editing Panel.
46:05 Undo/Redo.
46:47 Linetype.
48:16 Transforming shade of layers/images.
49:22 Layers, turning off and also on with the "eye".
50:35 Select all.
51:00 Edit.
52:50 Duplicate and also the distinction in between copy/paste.
53:53 Align.
57:24 Arrange.
59:51 Flip.
1:00:52 Sizing.
1:01:51 Rotate.
1:02:10 Placement of X&Y of an image on the canvas.
1:02:34 Layers Panel.
1:02:35 Group/Ungroup & Attach.
1:05:41 Duplicate.
1:05:56 Color Sync.
1:06:46 Darkness layers, transforming on/off.
1:08:03 Base Panel of the Layers Panel: slice, weld, affix, flatten, contour.
1:08:41 Slice.
1:17:44 Weld.
1:23:48 Attach/Detach.
1:30:20 Transforming Pen colors for Attract.
1:33:00 Flatten (gift tag example).
1:41:05 Shape.
1:47:47 Closing statement.

** FREE 28 Web Page Beginners Overview (Cricut Style Space Essentials) **.

This tutorial will help you learn the Cricut Design Area application as well as its functions and also just end up being a lot more familiar to click about in Cricut Design Area.

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FREE 28 Web Page Overview – Cricut Style Room Fundamentals Tutorial gets on my Blog.

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