*3 NEW CRICUT HEAT PRESSES* Everything You Need to Know | Cricut Hat Press, Autopress, & EasyPress 3

Today is a pretty exciting day in the world of all things: qriket, we have three brand new qriket heat presses that were just announced, and i was lucky enough to get early access to all of them. So i have been secretly testing them out. Creating tons of tutorials and putting together some really helpful tips and tricks if you’re new here then welcome to sweet red poppy, i’m kim, and if you love all things, cricut don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. I cover every single new product that qriket releases. I share step-by-step tutorials and free svg files, and i want to help you get the very most out of your qriket machine.

I also offer a cricut book and a full cricut online course. Now, today, i am going to give you a quick overview of each heat press and share everything that you need to know about these brand new releases. Now, in addition to this, video, i’m also going to be sharing some step-by-step tutorial videos for each individual heat press and i’m going to really go in depth with each press. First up we have the cricut hat press. Next we have our cricut easy press 3 and then finally, we have the creme de la creme, the king of the heat, presses the auto press.

Now, in addition to the three new heat presses, qriket also launched a brand new interactive app and that is called cricut heat. Now. Trust me, this app is going to be your new best friend now to make this extra easy for you. I have included some time stamps and chapters for this video that way, if there’s something that you’re excited about learning about right now, you can find exactly what you’re looking for, if there’s a certain product that you really want to learn about, feel free to skip to That part of the video and you’ll just want to use the chapters that are listed below this video. Let’S go ahead and dive right in with our cricut hat press.

So what exactly is the cricut hat press? The qriket hat press is going to allow you to make a variety of professional quality hats from the comfort of your own home. It has bluetooth connectivity via the cricut heat app. Now this press features a rounded heating plate that is designed to work specifically with hats, and our heat plate has a coating of protection which is going to allow it to really easily glide along the surface of the material which is really important, because when you are Using your cricut hot press, it requires a steady back and forth movement throughout the pressing process. Now the qriket hat press is going to be available for purchase online on sunday march 13th and it will then be available in stores for purchase on may 1st.

The qriket hat press includes the following items within this box. First off we have our cricut hat press. Our safety base, the qriket hat pressing form a practice, iron-on design, strong heat resistant tape, a quick start guide and a user guide. The qriket hat press is going to be available for purchase online on march 13th for 149.99.

So let’s go ahead and cover some of the key features of this new product. The qriket hat press features three different temperature settings, and this is what’s going to help you to achieve flawless transfers with a variety of different materials as well as different bases. First off we have our low setting, which is 255 degrees, fahrenheit to 295 degrees fahrenheit. Now this setting is really meant to be used with base materials that are a little bit more sensitive to heat, and it should be used typically with a 60 second timer. Next up, we have our medium temperature setting now this is 300 degrees, fahrenheit to 355 degrees fahrenheit.

This is going to be our primary setting. That’S used with the most heat transfer materials. So that’s going to be things like iron on and it should be used with a 60 second timer last step. We have our high temperature, which is 360 degrees, fahrenheit to 400 degrees fahrenheit. Now this is going to be compatible with sublimation like infusible ink, as well as some more of those heavy duty base materials that really need a higher temperature.

Typically, this is going to be used with a timer of 90 seconds, while each setting has a small range of temperatures that it encompasses. The qriket hat press is not going to fluctuate within that range during the pressing process. Each specific material has a specific temperature, and that has been thoroughly tested and the cricut hat press is going to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your entire press. Now this exactness is one of the things that really sets cricket, apart from any other heat presses that are currently on the market. Now this little cricket hat press weighs approximately 2.

pounds or 1.09 kilograms and it measures 4.3 inches in diameter by 6.

5 inches in width and 5.1 inches in height for safety purposes, the qriket hat press comes equipped with an auto off feature.

Now this is one of my favorite things about qriket heat presses because as a busy mom who regrettably, tends to get distracted while crafting, i really appreciate that this will shut off after 13 minutes of inactivity. Now your qriket hat press will give you a warning beep about 30 seconds before it shuts off the cricut hat. Press is compatible with cricut’s newest app, which is cricut heat. So let’s go ahead and cover that. So, what’s so special about the qriket heat app, we already have design space, so you might be wondering why we need yet another app.

The qriket heat app is designed to be your heat press companion. This app really is going to remove any room for error or mistakes, because it provides you with precise settings and those settings have been thoroughly tested. It also is going to give you a step-by-step instruction for every product that you’re making with the cricut heat app. You will be guided through the heat transfer process from the moment that you preheat your base. All the way to the moment that you peel away your backing and reveal your diy customized project.

The qriket heat app is really going to take the guesswork out of creating projects with iron on as well as infusible ink within this handy. Little app is everything that you need to know to successfully complete a project as well as get really great results. Now you might be wondering how the qriket heat app does this, and it is going to accomplish this by allowing you to input your specific base material, as well as the transfer material that you’re planning on applying it to, and then it’s also going to take into Account your surface that you’ll be pressing on, while these may not seem significant individually. When you add all three of these factors together, there’s actually quite a bit of room for error. The qriket heat app provides a step-by-step guide.

The qriket heat app is going to eliminate the guesswork by providing you with the perfect settings, ones that have already been thoroughly tested by the qriket team. It is even going to guide you through the entire process, step by step. What that means, for you is no more wondering if you need to be using butcher paper on this project or trying to guess, if maybe you should be applying tape or even having to press your project over and over until it’s done the qriket heat app is A free download and this app can be found in the apple app store. It can also be found in the google play store. Ios and android devices can download the cricut heat app as long as they meet the same system, requirements that are required for downloading design.

Space now your compatible heat presses must be activated before you can use them now. Activation is going to require downloading the qriket heat app and following the prompts i promise it’s really simple. Activation will then allow the heat press to have the latest firmware. Now, if you want your qriket heat presses can be used without the qriket heat app, but it’s not recommended by cricut. Now you might be wondering what products are going to be compatible with the cricut hat.

Press qriket currently offers two different hat blanks that are compatible with this press now, the first hat that we have is a blank ball cap, that’s gray, and this is made of a polyester and cotton mix, it’s 80 polyester and 20 cotton. Our second blank is this black and white trucker hat this hat features a black mesh backing with a white front. This is made completely of 100 polyester. Now both of these caps have gone through rigorous testing, so they are designed to be compatible with both iron on as well as infusible, ink or sublimation. Now, since both of these are compatible with sublimation, it means that they can withstand the heat of 400 degrees fahrenheit.

Without melting, while the main part which is going to be the front part of our hat, can resist that 400 degrees of heat the bill of the cap. This part is not rated for this, so you will want to avoid applying infusible ink or even iron on to the bill, because it could damage it if it becomes too hot. Now our cricut hat blanks are going to retail for 9.99. Each there’s also going to be two different options to purchase the hats in packs online.

The first option is going to be a three pack and that’s going to retail for 19.99, and then the second option is a 12 pack for 69.99. In addition to the hat blanks, qriket is also going to be selling this strong heat resistant tape and that’s going to retail for 6

99 now this is a specific heat resistant tape that was designed to be used in conjunction with the hat press and it’s designed for curved surfaces and it’s supposed to create a seamless process. Now it has a stronger hold than the blue infusible ink tape that you may have used before.

It also has a thicker width that is meant to be used, specifically with the hat press. Of course, you can always use your own generic products like these with cricut’s hat presses, but it will require a little bit of testing on your end. Now, let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about our cricut hat, pressing form. If you want to get the very best results, when you’re working with a curved surface, you really need a pressing form that has a rounded shape. What this rounded shape is going to do.

Is it’s going to protect the integrity of your hat now? This is going to prevent your hat from becoming deformed. It also allows for an even amount of heat to be applied and then distributed across the surface of your hat. The qriket hat pressing form was really created as the perfect partner to go with your cricut hat press. It’S designed to perfectly fit the inside of a hat, and it’s going to give you a firm pressing surface that is completely free of bumps or even air pockets, because those could negatively affect your transfer now our little pressing form measures 6.

inches in diameter, 5.2 inches In height and 7.5 inches in width – and it weighs approximately three pounds, what’s really neat about, this form is actually what’s on the inside. This little form is filled with walnut shells which might sound a little weird, but walnut shells are actually an all-natural biodegradable material and they are extremely durable. So this is going to offer you water absorption, while also having really great microbial resistance.

I did a little research now. What that means, for you is that your pressing form is going to be able to pull away moisture from your material which helps you to ensure you have a dry pressing surface. It’S also going to be able to reflect the heat back towards the item that you’re pressing. This creates really the ideal environment when you’re transferring a design to a base. Now the exterior of the cricut hat pressing form is made up of 59 polyester and 41 cotton.

The interior of the form is made of 91 walnut shells and 9 polyester. I’M going to go ahead and show you an image of the different layers of the cricut hat, pressing form for the very best results. Do not wash bleach dry or clean. The hat pressing form you really should avoid using any steam on this pressing form and instead opt for dry heat. Now, when you are creating your hat’s design, it’s really important that you keep your design smaller than 2.

5 inches high by 4.

25 inches wide. This is going to ensure that your design gets the right amount of heat while ensuring you get a smooth transfer with your press. If you want a step-by-step tutorial, plus a ton of tips and tricks, as well as a big bundle of free hat, svg files, be sure to watch out for my next video, where i’m going to be covering how to use the qriket hat press in depth. I’M going to also link to my blog post in the description of this video as soon as it’s live.

Next up we have the cricut auto press. The qriket, auto press is for anyone who wants to make more in less time while delivering professional level results. Now you may be wondering what is the qriket auto press if you’re looking to level up your heat press game, maybe scale up your production? Start your own side, hustle or even sell your crafts, then the qriket auto press is perfect. For you, the qriket autopress is a revolutionary, automated heat press that has the perfect combination of both style as well as function.

Now, this beautiful machine is so much more than just a pretty face. The qriket autopress is really going to take the guesswork out of creating and it does that by utilizing different automatic features. Now it auto adjusts to your project’s thickness, all the way up to two inches and then it also auto-releases. As soon as your pressing cycle has been completed, it even comes with pre-programmed built-in presets for the most commonly used bases and material combinations. Now the perfect amount of pressure, plus the precise amount of time and the exact temperature are all going to combine to create flawless transfers every single time.

Now you might be wondering what comes in our cricut, auto press box. First off we have the qriket auto press you’ll also have a qriket, auto press mat. There is the control pod. We also have an instruction manual now the qriket auto press will retail for 999.99 and it will be available for purchase exclusively from hsn through may 3rd.

Through may 15th, after that, it will be available online from qriket.com, as well as all of the other craft retailers after may 16th. Now i would recommend that you purchase additional pressing mats. These can be purchased for 54.99 and i would recommend this because it’s really going to speed up your process, while our cricut easypress family is really great.

When it comes to portability. The auto press really requires a dedicated space and that’s because of its size, as well as its weight. The auto press measures 16.6 inches in width 6.

62 inches in height and 26.

inches in depth, and it weighs in at just under 53 pounds now because of the size of our auto press as well as the weight it does have some requirements when it comes to a pressing surface for the best results. You will need a really sturdy table or counter space and it’s going to need to measure at least 22.5 inches deep and that’s going to allow your machine to open to its fullest position. Now, when your cricut, auto press is in the open position, you will have a height of 25.14 inches.

Now it can be stored in the locked position and you can then store it vertically and that can be behind a door under a table really wherever, when it’s not in use, let’s go ahead and cover some more details about what makes the auto press unique. First off, you can make more in less time now, with the auto press you’re able to make more items in less time because of the automated as well as really thoughtful features. Safety was one of the biggest concerns with the qriket auto press. This machine uses certified temperature rated plastic. It also offers an auto off feature.

It has an extra wide clearance of 65 degrees. Next up, we have our zero effort operation. Now this means that the auto press applies just the right amount of pressure to your project and it only takes the pressure of two fingers to engage the motor. Now, as the auto press closes, it’s going to go from its 65 degree angle and then it’s going to stop right above the project and it’s going to go up and down for the last two inches before it makes contact with your project. You can see that right there now what this does is.

It gives your project an even amount of both pressure and heat, while your auto press is transferring your design. Let’S pretend that this is closed. I can actually be prepping another design right next to the machine and really that’s what i find nice about. The feature is that this auto press has an auto open function. So as soon as my press has been completed, it is going to automatically open.

You don’t have to sit there and babysit the press, which really allows you to prep your own project and create more projects in less time, because, again, the automated features. Now you probably are wondering what size is our cricut auto press heat plate? This heat plate is 15 inches by 12 inches. It also comes with a ceramic coated surface and that’s going to ensure that you have a stable pressing without any shifting. You’Re, probably also wondering what is the max temperature of the cricut auto press.

Now this 15 by 12 inch heat plate can heat all the way up to 400 degrees fahrenheit, which makes it compatible with heat transfer vinyl like iron-on as well as sublimation products like infusible ink. So how long does the qriket auto press take to heat up? On average, the qriket auto press is going to take approximately eight minutes to heat up, and that is a full heat all the way up to 400 degrees. Fahrenheit. Personally, i recommend that you turn your heat press on and then you go and cut out your design or start preparing your transfer.

That’S going to give it a little bit of time to warm up next up. Let’S talk a little bit about the cricut, auto press control pod, unlike qriket’s other heat presses, this machine is not bluetooth enabled and it’s not compatible with the new cricut heat app. This specific product was designed more with the professional or advanced creator in mind, so it isn’t going to offer the same step-by-step experience that you might need, if you’re a beginner starting with one of the easy presses. The control pod has four different presets and those are pre-programmed with the most commonly used materials as well as bases now, if needed, you can change these presets to better fit your specific needs. Let’S cover what the presets are number one.

We have the sport flex and polyester setting. This is going to be 315 degrees and it’s going to press for 25 seconds. Preset number two is going to be a combination of everyday iron-on with cotton, and that is going to press at 315 degrees fahrenheit for 30 seconds. Next up we have preset number three: that’s going to be glitter iron-on with cotton, and that is 330 degrees fahrenheit. For a 25-second press, finally, we have our fourth preset, which is a combination of infusible ink paired with polyester.

That’S going to be a 385 degree, fahrenheit press for 30 seconds. Well, this doesn’t work with the cricut heat app. It does come with access to qriket’s heat guide, which is going to give you recommended settings for time, pressure and pressing length, and this is based off of your base material as well as your transfer material. If you need to create your own preset, you can use the dial on the control pod to select your time as well as your temperature setting you’ll just want to press on your preset button, hold it for three seconds or until it beeps after that beep. Your control pod is now going to use your custom setting these presets can be reset to factory settings.

If you need by pressing a paper clip inside the hole, that’s located on the bottom of our control pod, you might be wondering why does the qriket auto press cost 1 000 and that’s a great question? The auto press was not designed as just a larger, easy press. Honestly, it is a fully functional professional grade, heat press and it’s designed to outperform every competitor within this price range that is currently on the market. The cricut auto press is not going to be the perfect fit for every cricket crafter. It really was designed with an advanced crafter in mind, someone who makes products in large quantities and someone who’s looking for really professional results in less time, while it’s designed for what i like to call a professional level crafter that doesn’t mean that it’s hard to use.

It’S actually incredibly easy to use, because again it’s automated features. Those are going to eliminate all of the guesswork. Qriket really thought of everything when they were designing this product. In fact, they started designing it over three years ago and it has gone through rigorous testing to best meet the needs of professional crafters. First off the qriket autopress was designed to fully open to 65 degrees.

Now, throughout the research process, qriket found that many heat presses that are currently on the market didn’t open wide enough, and this caused a variety of different problems. Anything from accidental burns to uneven pressing, as well as the need to kind of duck to get under your heat plate, which caused a lot of back strain for people that were making things on a professional level. Safety was also one of the biggest concerns when cricket was creating the autopress. This machine uses certified temperature rated plastics. It also offers an auto off feature and it has advanced airflow which allows it to manage its temperatures.

It has again that extra wide clearance of 65 degrees, while the auto press is great when it comes to t-shirts, totes apparel, it’s also compatible with other materials like wood signs or ceramic coasters. It can go up to two inches in thickness, so the auto press is able to press thick materials evenly because of its really unique design, and that allows the heat press to switch from an angled close. You can see right here to going in a straight up and down motion. Now the qriket auto press was rigorously tested and it was tested to withstand an immense amount of presses without having any issue. In fact, it can complete 26 000 cycles without any error.

So you can rest assured that your qriket autopress is going to be with you for the long call. Now, one of the most common issues with other industrial sized heat presses is that they tend to cause accidental burns. Now, if you have used another brand of heat press, then you know exactly what i’m talking about cricut made sure to create a handle that would not get hot. They also ensured that the top of our ez press also wouldn’t get hot, and they were able to do this by using certified temperature rated plastics. Now our qriket, auto press is also going to close to a locked position to cool down now as a mother with little kids running around and as someone who tends to be a little bit clumsy.

This gives me extra peace of mind, because i know that there’s not an exposed heat plate when i’m done, i can close it and lock it to cool for even more peace of mind. The qriket auto press features a 13 minute, auto shutoff timer. So if the auto press is not in use, it’s automatically going to shut off, unlike almost every heat press currently on the market, the auto press is not an eyesore. It was really thoughtfully designed with both form and function in mind, so you can proudly display this beautiful heat press in your crafting space. The qriket autopress is going to apply pressure based on the transfer material base, the heat needed and the thickness.

So taking all of these varying factors into account is what allows it to offer those flawless transfers every single time upon launch the qriket. Auto press will be available in one color and that’s mist. Now this is kind of a grayish color, with a slight tint of blue, that’s going to match the cricut bright 360 lamp. The auto press is white on top and has the mist color on the back. It’S important to note.

This colorway is a little bit different than the colorway of our other heat presses, which were launched in a zen blue color. When you’re ready to set up and register your qriket autopress, you will need to have access to a laptop or a desktop computer, as well as a usb cord and internet connection. This is only required for setup. You may be wondering what are the power requirements for this large heat press. Now the auto press is going to require 120 to 240 volts and it uses 1300 watts of power.

It can also be safely used with an extension cord, as long as that extension cord meets the power needs of the qriket autopress. So who is the qriket autopress designed for and how can it be used? The uses for this machine are endless and they really depend on the type of crafting that you want to do with the autopress. You can make larger designs and you can make more items in less time than before. First off we have our hobbyist.

This machine could be used to create personalized projects, and that could be for your friends and family. It could even be for your community for this type of use. You could create family reunion t-shirts. You could create t-shirts for a school, even a sports team. You could even customize shirts for an entire volunteer group or you could create customized presents with it.

The other user i think of, is a small business owner now this could be used by a small business owner to create branded items for their business for their employees. Even for their customers, you could be making t-shirts, totes, coasters, packaging items and more and finally, i imagine a diy business using this, so this could be used to start or even level up your own diy side, hustle or creative business. The auto press is going to allow you to create professional level quality products, so you could sell apparel. You could customize wooden signs. You could make custom pillowcases, coasters, totes, there’s so many more ideas.

Now that we have covered the auto press in depth, let’s go ahead and cover the new features that come with the cricut easy press. 3. The new qriket easy press 3 is for anyone who wants a guided, step-by-step heat transfer experience. It has everything that you love about the easy press 2, like it’s, consistent heating temperature control and an accurate timer with a great new update. So this is now a bluetooth enabled heat press and it is going to connect to the cricut heat app.

Now you might be wondering, what’s the big difference between the two, the qriket heat app is going to take all of the guesswork out of creating projects with either iron-on or infusible ink. With this handy little app everything you need to know to successfully complete a project and get great results is going to be in the app the qriket heat app is going to allow you to input your specific base material, as well as the transfer material that you’ll Be applying it to it’s also going to take into account the surface that you’ll be pressing on these little things may not seem that significant. When you add these three factors together, there’s actually quite a bit of room for error now, what’s included inside of our qriket easy press 3 box. First off you have your cricut, easy press. Three!

You also have your safety base. In addition to these two items, you will get one practice iron on design. There is also a user guide, as well as your safety instructions and warranty. Now what color is the easy press 3 going to be available in the easy press? 3 will be launching in the color zen blue, and this matches our latest qriket maker 3.

It also matches the hat press. So what are the dimensions of our new easypress? 3

The easy press 3 will be launching in two different sizes. First off we have our nine by nine inch press which weighs 5.5 pounds, and it requires 120 to 127 volts and uses 1100 to 1200 watts of power.

Now that is going to retail for 199., the 12×10 is going to weigh 8.9 pounds and it requires 120 to 127 volts and it uses 1 250 to 1400 watts of power, and that one is going to retail for 249.. You may notice that these prices reflect only a 10 increase from our previous model.

The easy press – 2

So how do you use the qriket, easy press? Three, the qriket, easy press. Three should be applied to your project using gentle or firm pressure. The cricut heat app is going to specify the desired amount of pressure based on the materials that you’re using now. If it tells you that you need a firm pressure, that is going to mean that you need to use two hands and about 15 to 20 pounds of body weight, while gentle pressure, on the other hand, could be achieved just by one hand, pressing down with about 5 to 10 pounds of body weight.

You might be wondering, though, why doesn’t the easy press 3 require a lot of pressure? There is a common misconception within the world of heat transfer vinyl. That pressure is the only thing that makes the htv transfer from the backing to its intended surface through thorough testing. Qriket has revealed that what’s more important than pressure alone is actually having consistent heat. That’S at the correct temperature and combining that with a little bit of pressure as well as the right amount of time, so i like to think of it as this little triangle, having a balance of all three sides is going to create a truly flawless transfer.

Now our easy press 3 features a heat plate that is composed of aluminum, and this has been treated with a ceramic non-stick coating. The heat plate can heat up to 400 degrees fahrenheit, and it is going to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your pressing process. It is compatible with iron-on, as well as all forms of sublimation such as infusible ink. A few tips and tricks for getting flawless transfers is to use a flat sturdy surface when you’re pressing items with your qriket easy press for the very best results, you will need to use a cricut easy press mat. Now this is a mat that has been specifically engineered to reflect heat, wick, away, moisture and protect your surface you’ll want to start by preheating the surface of your material.

What this does is it removes any wrinkles which ensures you have a flat pressing surface. It’S also going to remove any possible moisture from the surface which could negatively affect your transfer. In addition to your preheating, you will want to use the settings that are provided by the qriket heat app and follow each instruction as it’s listed. You’Ll want to be sure to apply heat to the front of your project as well as the back, because pressing from both sides is going to ensure that the adhesive material is fully activated and it’s able to adhere to your specified base. You might be wondering: does the qriket easy press 3 also offer that auto off feature as a mother of young kids?

My first thought always goes to safety. Whenever i bring any item into my home, qriket always goes the extra mile to really ensure that there is safety when they create their products, so the qriket easypress 3 rests obviously in this downward position. It also has an insulated safety base which protects your surface and your hands from heat. It also features this really large handle. You can see right here, which makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and the sides of our easy press.

3 are heat free. So you don’t have to worry about accidental burns. In addition to that, we do have the auto off, which will go off after about 10 minutes of inactivity, and that is going to allow you to craft without worry wow. That was a lot of information. If you made it all the way to the end, congrats be sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks.

As i release even more details about all of these incredible heat presses, i will be sharing in-depth, step-by-step tutorials for every single one of our brand new machines. Now do you have a question, go ahead and leave it in the comments for me below i love getting to answer questions if you enjoyed this video, be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and don’t forget, go ahead and give this video a thumbs up. I will be back next week with another fun video Read More Cricut Hat Press. What else can you press with it Pressing a mug with the Hat press HTV on stuffies

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