πŸ¦‹ Easy 3D Paper Butterfly Craft with Your Cricut

Hello, crafty friends, welcome to daily doseof diy. My name is chris, and today i’m goingto show you how to make these gorgeous 3d paperbutterflies. I have a free svg file for you touse, so you can make your very own. You cansee that i’m hanging on the wall behind methey’re great to decorate rooms. You could even addthem to the front of a card for a fun little popthe possibilities are endless, andthey are so cute and ready for spring.

I will link you down below in the description. Besure to check there to get to the svg file, plusyour supply list and written instructions. If youwould like those, you really do not need very muchto make these butterflies. You want four pieces, ofcoordinating, cardstock or patterned paper you cansee on here. I use patterned paper too.

So you canuse just all kinds of fun colors. I will also linkthis to you. This is a great glitter card stock itdoes not get glitter anywhere, my husband bannedglitter. Can you believe it? But this does not getglitter everywhere.

He doesn’t find it stuck inhis beard and get mad and all that stuff, so it’sa great product. I will let you know you also needsome tacky glue. Of course, we’re going to needour cricut i’ll, be using my cricut maker todayand. I’M using a blue cut mat a green cut, matwill work just fine too, because this is heaviera little bit. Thicker cardstock!

You want atleast, not sure the weight i have, i believeit’s at least 70 pound or higher just so it holdsits form. Of course. The pattern paper isn’t that umthick, it’s more flimsy, but if it’s in betweenthe thick layers it will do just fine, so onceyou have the svg you want to head on over todesign space. I already have it uploaded in hereif. You need help uploading and downloadingsvgs and all that there’ll be more linksfor, more tutorials for you in the description ihave it in design space now, so i’m just going toselect it.

If it little green, comes around showsit’s, selected and click add to canvas. You see alittle bee on there. Also that is going to bemy next video we’re going to do 3d. Bumblebeesto go with our butterflies. Once it comes in todesign space, it’s seven inches by five inchesif they’re about a little extra.

You can sizethis and make it as big or as small as you wantwhen they’re, all together, the cardstock i haveis eight and a half by eleven, so be mindful ofthe materials you’re working with and how big youcan go. I’M feeling we should make this one like10 inches. You think yeah that’ll work 10inches will work. Let’S make a bigger butterflyonce. You are happy with the sizethat you chose come over here, andclick the make it button everything elseis ready to go for you.

It will sort yourmats by color. So for this, the black onei had is the top and i’m going to cutthat in glitter. So i’m going to come overhere and load, my glitter cardstock first and i just line up. I have hair stuck to my matdo any of y’all shed eye shed so bad. I have hairstuck everywhere: okay, have your mat?

Somewhatclean paper is not as forgiving as vinyl vinylhas that backing, but if you have bits on yourmat you’ll want to get them off, so it doesn’tmess up your cut and then i line it up just alongthe side and once it’s lined up smooth it down, insert it Into your cricut hit the arrow which isthe go button, get my cricut a little closer hereand. Then let’s go back to the screen, so we knowand we can check as um they’re, printing too so weknow, which one to load next and the colors aredone for you. From light to dark, if you want tochange that that’s fine too, you can do it inwhatever color, you want. I love purple thoughso. That is what we’re going to do.

Today is waitingto connect to my maker. If you have an explorer goahead and turn your dial to card stock, once mymaker connects, i’m going to go ahead and choosecardstock from the list of materials and get thiscut, i will pop back in and show you how it’s goingokay it finally connected and actually i’m goingto Come in here and i’m going to choose glittercardstock my maker does not cut as deeply astrying to type it insert there we go. Glitterit does not cut as deeply as my explorer does ithought of that once it came up, so i want to makesure. I choose glitter cardstock, so you for theglitter and paper and you will probably want todo the same. If you know your cricut does not cutvery deeply.

So i have glitter cardstock selectedand my little c button flashing. So i’m goingto go ahead and push that and get it cuttingonce. It finishes i’ll, try not to have to cut talkover the cricut once it finishes, cutting i’ll showyou how to get it on the mat and we’ll just gothrough and cut all the layers of this butterflyi forgot a step. I had a backup income and showyou this. If you’re using eight and a half 11um card stock like i am you’ll want to change, yourmaterial size, it started, i you see how this ishorizontal, i loaded my paper vertical it.

I caughtit, as it was doing the circle, so my card stock’snot, a total waste but you’ll want to change yourmaterial size to eight and a half by 11 or atleast pay attention to how they have the butterflyon. The mat, of course, that’s a little bit there wego to cricket a minute to catch up. Okay, so nowit is vertical and it is the same with every matonce. You change one. It does not change all of themso.

You might want to go through and change theseso that you make sure you fit on the cardstocksize that you have and we get to number fourand. You have your paper lined up the right wayso, you don’t cut your little butterfly in half. Okay cricket has finished, cutting the glitterit. Does two passes for glitter card stocki’m. Just gon na flip my mat over and pull the cardstock off.

You don’t want to bend yourmat super super tight. You might snap it butthis is the easiest way to get materialsoff without tearing them and bending themso, they don’t curl. So i’m just goingto ease him off. Mr butterfly off my mat, go nice and slow and then once your butterfly, this is our top layeris free. You can go ahead and take your scrapertool and get rid of the rest of those bits so that our mat is clean again for the nextlayer.

Now it’s showing us light cardstockis next, and that is fine. I don’t want to do twopasses on that, so i can go to this little arrowand. If you’re on an explorer, you canjust change your dial to cardstocki’m going to go to this arrowand then select medium cardstockbecause. That’S how i want the rest cut soi’m, going to load up my mat to get the otherthree layers cut. They go nice and quick and thenwe’ll be back to see how to put it all togetherokay.

All the layers are cut, and now it’s timeto put it together. The way the svg was set up, ifyou follow, even if you do a different color. If youfollow the like the shades theme, the darkest shadeis the back. If you follow a different one, that’sfine you’ll just want to line them up, and seewhich is your largest layer, and that is goingto. Be your bottom.

Once you have your bottomfind, your craft glue, you can use the craftglue, or this is quick dry tacky glue. You canuse! This or a glue stick and you just wantto, add glue down to the center of the bodyexcuse me and then a little bit up. Onthe antenna also and then you’re goingto, take the next biggest layer and glueit right on top, and i just you’ll haveif you’re using glue you’ll have it will be ableto slide around and you’ll have some wiggle rooma glue? Stick is a little bit more stickyand.

I just like to line up the antennasonce they’re lined up the body, should belined up pretty well and press it downand. We are going to do this for every layer, excuseme i’m going to grab a drink. I have a tickle in myokay, that’s better! So i’m just going to dothe same thing to this layer. Add some gluedown the center on the antenna and line up ournext shade make sure our antennas are lined up.

Oh, he slid on me. That’S the downsideof, using like a tacky glue or not aglue. Stick. You know like a liquid glueis, it could slide after you have it setso get him set, and then we will go on. Tothe last layer add glue down the center, and then we add the gorgeousglitter paper to the top.

Now you might want to let him set aminute to make sure he gets good and drybut i’m going to keep trucking along with theglue off my table. I’M going to hold my finger inthe center, just in case it does slide a littlebit, but next all you do is bend up the wings on each side. You can see how that’s stickingout now back could use a little more bendit’s sticking up now. Andgiving us that beautiful 3d effect, once you have both sides done fluff them up a little bit and you have made agorgeous 3d paper butterfly with paper. Glitterit is very quick and easy and onceagain.

I have the free svg file for youin, my svg library. I will give you all the linksdown to that down below stay tuned for our nextvideo, we’re going to make a bumblebee thatwill complement these and look just as cutethank you so much for watching, be sure to like andsubscribe and we’ll see you on the bumblebee video Read More, HOW TO PERSONALIZE COFFEE MUGS WITH CRICUT FOR BEGINNERS | CRICUT TUTORIALS FOR BEGINNERS

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